Thursday, May 3, 2012

Testimonial and our CleanByMail service

Check out this wonderful testimonial we received from a long-time client:

"I received your letter inquiring why I had not been in to Margaret's lately.

I have relocated out of the area to Kansas City, MO. I may need to use your service remotely; I understand you can mail cleaned items to customers out-of-state?

Margaret's is, without a doubt, the best cleaner I have ever used. 99% of all my clothes are Gorigio Armari and you have kept them in great shape."
-Robert E.

Our CleanByMail service is perfect for customers like Robert!  

Like in any successful long-distance relationship, Margaret’s CleanByMail service takes the time to make sure your garments, ties, and bags receive the proper TLC—even when they’re far from home. CleanByMail is a convenience-service for customers who want the best care for their garments and handbags, but aren't near a Margaret's facility.

Why CleanByMail?
CleanByMail is like having a Margaret's facility at your doorstep. The same professionals who work on local drop-offs also clean the CleanByMail items. You simply send us your items, we care for them, and then we package them according to Margaret's standards and ship them back to you. 

How do I send my item?
To get started, simply download and print the CleanByMail request form. Fill out the information, and then send it along with your item to:

c/o Margaret's Cleaners
5150 Convoy Street
San Diego, CA 92111

For your convenience, you can clip and use the lower right-hand corner of the request form as a shipping label.

Can I get an estimate before I send it to you?
If you'd like a cleaning estimate before you ship your item, plug in your Web cam and make a Live Web call to Margaret's for an instant estimate. Or for a price estimate on a purse, fill out the Purse Cleaning Estimator form

Which items do you accept for CleanByMail?
To ensure the highest quality for your items, which will travel long distances, we accept only certain items that travel well and arrive in excellent condition. After all, you expect the best from us, and we want to deliver the best.
Items we accept:
  • Purses and handbags
  • St. John's knits
  • Bridal gowns for preservation
  • Neck ties
  • and more, depending on the item
If you have an item you're unsure about, give us a call at (866) 454-2375 or send us an email.

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