Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eco-Conscious Fashion

Green. It's a color. It's an eco-buzzword. But what does "green" mean for the fashion industry?

More than likely, you've heard a lot of different buzzwords and phrases tossed around in the last decade, such as "going green," "sustainable," and "carbon footprint."

Because of the growing concern, people are more aware of their own "carbon footprint," which is an individual's personal contribution to the greenhouse gas emissions that cause "climate change." To avoid the risk of starting a political debate, the notion of climate change varies, depending on the report and the scientist. Whether or not you believe in global warming/climate change, most people can agree that keeping the world clean and beautiful is important.

The fashion industry is following suit. Designers are listening to clients and making garments that are fashionable as well as socially and ecologically responsible. “Many fashion companies are thinking about how to protect the environment, while still producing their visions” said Susan Rockefeller, an honorary co-chair of the Green Auction.

There are also fashion shows that focus solely on eco-friendly clothing. “I think the [fashion] industry is making great progress in terms of going green, and it’s doing it in a way that shows consumers that ‘green’ doesn’t have to mean unstylish or boring,” Rockefeller said.

Margaret's is Green, too!
Did you know that Margaret's is a licensed Green Earth cleaner? We offer a ZeroCarbon/carbon offset wedding gown preservation service and use the most advanced and environmentally friendly cleaning methods available.

Additionally, we use non-toxic and perc-free wet cleaning solutions, organic cotton, perc-free hydrogen cleaning techniques, and silicone-based solvents. We also recycle and reuse garment bags and hangers.

Margaret's is also the only cleaner in Southern California that has the SystemK4. This $75,000 machine enables Margaret's to clean garments using the highest quality, eco-friendly cleaning solvent available on the market.

Eco Buzz Words
Carbon Footprint
A measured amount of greenhouse gasses (CO2) that are released into the atmosphere through daily activities.

Carbon Offsetting
Canceling out the amount of CO2 that's released into the atmosphere by investing in environmentally friendly projects.

Climate Change
Change in the earth's atmosphere over a long period of time. Linked to global warming.

The fashion trend of being environmentally conscious and purchasing only environmentally conscious products.

Energy Efficient
Products that use lower amounts of energy to operate.

Global Warming
An increase in the earth's temperature over a long period of time.

Go Green
To make a conscious effort to use eco-friendly products and reduce one's carbon footprint through lifestyle choices.
Avoiding the depletion of natural resources by conserving the ecological balance.

TELL US: How do you "go green"?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Princess Project Runway Show

Last week was the Princess Project Runway show at Fifty Seven Degrees wine bar. The event was a huge success!

Congratulations to the FIDM San Diego students who participated! The fashion design contestants included first-place winner Allan Huang, as well as Angeline Minnocci, Xylina Lim, Ryan Poole and Lena Lollis.

There was a silent auction that was filled with salon services, golf packages, boating/kayaking packages, trust and estate certificates, Tony Hawk Merchandise, wine packages, hotel certificates, and more. There was also a raffle with prize baskets that included movie passes, gift certificates, and lots of other incredible stuff.

The wine bar included a specially priced menu of drinks made exclusively for this event. Jodi Kodesh, the event emcee, did an outstanding job, and the DJ kept the party going all night!

Check out more pictures from the event here.