Monday, March 19, 2012

Hungry for Fashion: The Hunger Games Costumes

Are you ready for The Hunger Games? This popular young-reader book-series-turned-movie makes its theatrical debut this Friday, March 23. Not since the Twilight series have we seen such excitement and anticipation for a movie opening. Theaters across the country are selling out of presale tickets. This movie is already breaking records.

For those of you into the book series and fashion, this movie just might be the perfect marriage of the two.

Costume designer Judianna Makovsky researched costume ideas by studying images of “working-class people from the turn-of-the-19th century to the 1960s in Appalachia and other places in America.”

A pair of hunting pants that Katniss wears are made from a vintage 1870s Levi Strauss pattern. 

The blue Sunday-best dress that Katniss wears at the lottery for the Hunger Games was made using rayon from the Western Costume fabric shop. The designers bleached and dyed the fabric to create the perfect blue hue, and then added smocking to the shoulders.

Effie Trinket wears gold booties from Alexander McQueen and a vintage 1930s flower hat.

Cinna bears a simple black Lurex Prada sweater.

The “girl on fire” dress seen on Katniss on the eve of the games is red silk taffeta and organza with vertical pleats. It also has flame-like crystal embroidery to give the illusion of flames, as described in the book.

For more Hunger Games fashion info from The Chicago Tribune, click here.

Talk to us! Are you excited for The Hunger Games? Did you read the books?

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